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Why Choose Novel Games

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Who We Are

Novel Games Limited is a Hong Kong based company. Our main focus is to preserve the human heritage of games through digitization. We also license our games to other companies for use in their websites and apps.

Our Mission

  1. Preserve the human heritage of games by creating a large library of games, so that after millenniums people can still play lost games from ancient civilizations through us.
  2. Create high quality and healthy games that are fun to play with friends and family members of all ages.
  3. Maintain a good working environment for employees at all levels.
  4. Operate in an environmentally friendly manner.
  5. Long term survival and profitability.

Our Core Values

  1. Integrity in All Aspects of the Business.
  2. Decent and Ethical Products.
  3. Continuous Self-Improvement.
  4. Operational Efficiency.