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Please tell us how you want to configure the games. We will put your logo into the games, add leaderboard and so on. All these are free of extra charges.

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If site-lock is set, the game can only be played in the website specified by the host name entered. This is used to protect the game from being downloaded and uploaded to other websites by unauthorized parties. Leave it blank if you wish to redistribute the game to other websites.

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This depends on whether you would like to have a Leaderboard. If a Leaderboard is needed, we will include the PHP + MySQL for you to put into your server.

Social Media Login

If social media login is enabled, then players can enter the leaderboard or the lobby using their names and pictures in the social media. You need to fulfill the requirements of the social media for it to work. For example you may need an app in the social media, and have the app ID and secret.

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Any other things you would like to tell us. For customizations extra charges may apply.

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Please read the following license agreement carefully. You must accept the license agreement in order to license our games.
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